Why should you tint your windows?

Great Question! There are many benefits to tinting the windows on your home or business. Here are 7 great reasons why to get the job done!


Decrease HeaT

Heat reduction is a huge reason many home and business owners are driven to tint their windows. Present day's technology allows window films to provide up to an 85% Solar Energy Rejection, creating a more comfortable environment for your home or business.


Reduce Fading and protect your skin

UV rays from the sun can be harmful to floors, furniture, pictures and anything else that may sit in front of your windows. Window films block out 99% of the UV rays to prevent damage. Filtering out UV also proves to be beneficial in protecting your skin, allowing you to relax next to your windows without worrying about effects such as skin cancer or sun burn.




Direct sunlight, reflections from snow, rain and  nearby buildings, as well as headlights from cars passing by all contribute to glare. As annoying as it may be, it can also be harmful to your eyes if it blinds your vision. Applying film to your windows cuts down that glare, to allow you to watch tv, read or simply enjoy a glare free environment.


Energy Savings

Window films increase the energy efficiency in your home or business by reducing solar heat buildup, and decreasing the load on your HVAC system. While energy savings can reach up to a 30% cut in costs, window films also offer one of the quickest returns on your investment out of any energy efficient upgrades, within the first 2-3 years. 


Safety and Security 

Glass breaks. Whether the cause be accidental, natural disaster or human threat, broken glass can easily become a dangerous thing to deal with. Window films come in a variety of thicknesses to provide extra protection against glass-breakage, vandalism and forced entry. Safety and Security films come in a variety of shades as well, allowing customers to take advantage of the multiple solutions window film provides.


Adding privacy and enhancing aesthetics

Whether you are looking for complete privacy, an architectural improvement, or a decorative solution for your home or business, window films are available in a range of shades, colors and even custom design to suit the needs you may be looking for. 


it's Quick, easy and affordable

Installation is very simple. Our professional installers arrive promptly and complete the job without disrupting your daily schedule. Once installation is complete, you will start noticing the results immediately. Due to it's affordability, the value you receive makes window film an easy choice.  Click the button below to get started!